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Agisent's ProDocsTM Judicial Documents System is a powerful document sharing application designed to enhance existing solutions or provide a complete standalone solution. It is optimized for tracking, auditing, compliance, secure access, risk mitigation, reporting, and preservation of chain-of-evidence. The product utilizes Agisent's Run Everywhere technology and makes it easy to transfer files, photos, scans, audio recordings, videos, and just about any other digital content regardless of type or size.

"Agisent's ProDocsTM transaction-based chain-of-evidence and auditing functions are like nothing we've seen before. Highly Recommended!"

-- Stacey Coleman, Office of the Solicitor, 2nd Judicial Circuit, Aiken, SC

ProDocs makes it easy for Law Enforcement, Prosecution, and Defense to share and interact with online documents, body and dash cam video, surveillance and interrogation media, and more. Perfect for discovery, distribution, archiving, and even cold-case document repository.

  • Prosecutors:
    Manage, distribute, track, and automate case files and associated media from law enforcement, defense attorneys, and defendant agents.
  • Law Enforcement:
    Upload and manage case documents in one centralized location for prosecutors and defense.
  • Defense Attorneys and Defendant's Agents:
    Instantly access documents critical to your case from law enforcement and prosecutors.

"Agisent's ProDocsTM is like the ultimate 'Drop Box'. It was designed specifically for Law Enforcement, Prosecutors and Defense Attorneys to exchange files without compromising security. With the FBI's Criminal Justice Information Security Policy as its guide, our administrative staff rests assured knowing that confidentiality, integrity and availability are its primary focus."

-- Stacey Coleman, Office of the Solicitor, 2nd Judicial Circuit, Aiken, SC